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Growing up in Sydney, most homes were very similar – they comprised a number of rooms that joined together to make a home.  The kitchen was one of those small boxes tucked away. Typically the kitchen was a closed space away from the rest of the house with only one entry door. It’s size and layout made it difficult for the family to converge and gather.

Today’s homes are designed with the kitchen being the heart of the home.  Other rooms now revolve around the kitchen. We eat within the kitchen, work on our laptops, socialise and watch TV.  Kitchen, lounge & dining rooms are now the one, large functioning space – the centre of the family home.  Modern kitchen design should reflect this, making it a space that functions well and flows seamlessly.

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Kitchen designers will talk about the “work triangle”.  At CTI Kitchens, our designers believe easy movement and flow from one thing to the next are of equal importance. Easy flow through the area without being in each others way is paramount for ease of use and function. The old way of thinking around a work triangle still makes sense BUT it’s easy to make a triangle by placing a sink, oven and fridge anywhere to form a triangle but this doesn’t mean it functions well!

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Tips for good kitchen design

Your fridge is the most commonly used appliance in the house so often the best position is closest to your lounge & dining. This way people will not interrupt the home chef when getting a drink.

The sink and cooktop should be close to each other (within reason) to encourage ease of productivity for the home chef.

Ovens can really go anywhere although are always best to be close to the sink for ease of use when removing hot items.  If using stone bench tops, ask your stone fabricator to make you a couple of chopping boards from the left over pieces or cutouts from the sink to cooktop. You can use them to put hot items on if your oven is at a distance from the sink. Having a section of bench top close to a wall oven is good design. If this can’t be achieved due to your room size, make sure your oven is set at the right height, this creates a work surface when the oven door is open.

The garbage bin should always be placed close to where you preparing your food. There is no point carrying food scraps across a kitchen where you risk dropping waste on the floor. The bin should also be situated close to your dishwasher for scrapping plates. It’s a good idea to have your plate drawer & cutlery drawer  close to the dishwasher also. Easy unload, these are the most commonly used items in your kitchen.

Small movements. User friendliness. Function. These are the three words our designers always consider when designing a new kitchen.

An experienced kitchen designer who takes pride in his work should be discussing with you any issues you are having with your current kitchen design.  They should ask what it is you like and dislike about your current space.  Questions regarding your family on how you envisage using the space – even how often you shop. Chances are you won’t get the correct design & result that suits the specific requirements of your family if they are not.



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