Function V Style. Kitchens Northern Beaches

Are you functional or my in line with the the overall style

  Most people are either very functional in life or tend to lean more towards the style of an item. Functional people look at the function of the space. Wanting to know where every item will go and make sure this will function  correctly. Where style conscious people are all about the overall look which far out weights how the spaces works functionally. At Kitchens Northern beaches we will always try to achieve both. Function, style & Beauty. Functional design is all about minimal movement. Placing items in positions to make life easier.

  • Dishwasher next to sink normally under draining board.
  • Cutlery insert close to dishwasher
  • Plate drawer close to dishwasher
  • Spice rack near cook top
  • Pot drawers with arms length of cook top
  • Utensil drawer inserts next to cook top

Minimal movements. These are all design ideas that don’t change the overall look of a space but enhance productivity and time unpacking your dishwasher.


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