Kitchen designer Terrey Hills, Northern Beaches

Kitchen design software.

CTI kitchens offer the latest in kitchen design software. Situated on Sydney’s Northern beaches at Mona Vale. New kitchen design at Terrey Hills.

We offer video designing of your new kitchen or complete interior designed space. Giving or clients the best possible look at their new kitchen or space before a door is even cut. Vortek spaces the manufacturer of this remarkable software is working closely with all the leading material suppliers from around the world. Giving the buyer the chance to see counter top colours, floor finished, appliances and wall finishes. All interchangeable with the click of a mouse. This gives our clients peace of mind in every area, with no hidden surprises. This beautiful kitchen was designed for a client in Terrey Hills on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.



Northern Beaches Kitchen Designer.

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen, we can visit your in your home to discuss your kitchen renovation requirements. Alternatively, complete our online form and we’ll contact you with a quote. We are the North Shore & Northern Beaches kitchen design and installation experts.
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