CTI Kitchens & Designer Joinery have over 30 years experience in kitchen design & interior planning. Our design team will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating the perfect space for your home. A kitchen that offers both function and will be the envy of all those who visit…….


Laundries have come a long way from a dirty old fibro square box in the backyard. The laundries of today are designed not only with function in mind but are spaces you want to spend time in.  Twenty first century laundries are clean, sleek rooms that flow on from kitchen with uniform design and style……..


Our stylish vanity units are designed and fabricated to suit your specific style and budget.  These statement pieces are so much more than the standard white box that hides a few toilet rolls and extra soap. Our custom-made bathroom cabinets are created with space saving in mind – large drawer units will easily fit ……


With the rise in popularity of modern, open plan living not much is hidden.  This is why stylish joinery such as entertainment units, storage cupboards, built-in wardrobes and the like have  become a much needed requirement in most homes. Furniture with designer finishes throughout and one-off pieces to suit your personal requirements are within your grasp……


A good designer in this modern world has become more than just a kitchen Creating modern, user friendly spaces that work as one is the goal of our interior planning team. A modern designer shouldn’t  just be thinking about the space he has been contracted to design, but the overall space from which this design will flow onto……